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Tapping MDF

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Tapping MDF

Postby chinomng » Sun Oct 28, 2012 5:09 am

Hi everybody,

to join two MDF pieces the book recommends to drill a 1/4 on both pieces to insert a 1/4 bolt and then make a 3/4 hole on just one piece to insert a nut. But I had just 5/16 bolts so I drilled a hole a little smaller than 5/16 on both pieces then used a 5/16 tap and finally insert bolt without using any nut. The result was amazing, I mean it was a really strong joint. Having this in mind it's really necessary to do an extra hole to insert a nut?

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Re: Tapping MDF

Postby Trotline » Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:08 am

The problem you'll run into is vibration. The joint you describe in MDF simply won't withstand much of the vibration and flexing that's common on these machines. What seems (and is) very strong in a static situation will quickly crumble into sawdust when you introduce the dynamic movement / vibration of the structure in use.

Also, this should probably be posted in the Product Support section of the forum. This section is for issues related to the website and forums themselves. I don't mean to scold, it's just that you'll probably get more responses to technical questions over there. :)

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