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BobCAD V27 Release

BobCAD V27 Release

Postby aldepoalo » Fri Sep 19, 2014 9:30 pm

You asked, we listened! For our biggest release yet BobCAD-CAM V27 features many new enhancements and improvements that our customers requested as well as other useful tools we have been developing.

In this video I show you how the new line at angle work when you need a tangent intersection. There are many times when re drawing a part from print, the print doesn't give you all the information needed to create the drawing. Like when you have a tangle line to an arc with an unknown end point. This new feature allows you to draw an angle line tangent to an Arc!


As a BobCAD users I am sure you have come to appreciate the CAM tree and how it makes quick work of storing and changing your part programming. Now that we have a CAD History Tree in V27 we offer the same flexibility for your designs. You can create solids and make changes quickly and easily. Watch this video to learn more about our new CAD features!


When working with wire frame drawings you may need to trim shapes into or out of each other. Because of this we have added 2D Booleans that use the same work flow as 3D Solid Booleans. The only different in the work flow is you have to rt click ok ( or space bar) after you select the first group of shapes. Again other useful tool for making quick work of creating wire frame profiles.


In this video I walk through a sample 3D part. I use a sweep surface based on wire frame, and planar surface based on surface edges. Working with surface edges for design in a new feature in the V27. Once we model the part I lay down a roughing and Z level finish tool path. In the V27 Mill Pro we've added a Zig Zag option allowing the tool to cut back and forth following a profile, almost like a flow line. Once simulated, we go back to the model make some changes and update the tool path. Take a look!


In the BobCAD CAM V27 we've added many new tools for our Mill Professional users. Most of which are aimed to reduce geometry creation to limit tool path. Angle ranges, linking updates, leadin -out updates operational stock are just some of the new features. What this video to learn more.


We have a special upgrade price for the build your tools community users. If you have purchased the V24 software with the build your tools promotional code, you are in for a treat!

Call me to find out more details 866-408-3226 X147
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Re: BobCAD V27 Release

Postby Awesomeness » Tue Sep 23, 2014 4:00 pm

ZOOM TO MOUSE! That will save so much time. I'm upgrading already!

BobCAD has really been stepping up its game with the last few versions (since v24, basically). It's getting to be a lot more functional, especially on the solid modeling. Well done! Some of these features, like the 2D booleans, are fairly unique to BobCAD (vector art programs like Adobe Illustrator have that, but many CAD programs don't).

3 things that I know would be REALLY helpful for me, and I assume other people...
  1. I notice in your videos you mention lots of keyboard shortcuts (e.g. "just spacebar there", "then shift+click", etc.). Is there a good cheat sheet of all the keyboard shortcuts? This is one of the things that trips me up most often, and I have to spend lots of time googling to find out what the key to snap to a quadrant of a circle is (or something similar) again.
  2. Could you also do a video/whitepaper about best practices to reduce/minimize/eliminate gouging, especially as the tool "waterfalls" over an edge? I was watching the video for the new BobCAD for Solidworks, and the narrator mentions many times "this new toolpath feature will help eliminate gouging as the tool waterfalls over that edge", but it's not real clear what the difference/improvement looks like, or what the thinking and best practices he's mentally following are.
  3. Is there, or could you make, a thorough "Step by Step Setup Guide" for BobCAD? One of the biggest initial barriers to using BobCAD is getting all the stuff configured (e.g. adding tool holder models, setting up your machines, adding cutting conditions, filling your tool crib, etc.). While I may be farther along in this respect than most, I'm pretty certain I have it set up poorly. The better you get it set up, the more productive it makes you later. The problem with the existing help on the topics is that it is too narrow, with not enough big picture. For example, it will say something like "Use the tool crib button to populate the tool crib. Clicking this button opens the tool crib window, where tools in the crib are listed.", which is not helpful at all. Instead, it should have an explanation of what the tool crib is, why I would want to use it, and how to populate it, such as "The tool crib is a place to keep settings for your most commonly used tools. One smart way to populate it is to establish blocks of numbers, such as 1-20 are flat end mills, 21-50 are ball end mills, and 51-100 are specialty tools." I'm totally making up this example, but do you see the difference in the two descriptions? Whether it's in the help, or a separate guide/whitepaper, it would be really awesome to have a way to work through getting BobCAD set up well from the start, so that we're getting the most out of it.
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Re: BobCAD V27 Release

Postby Bringmey » Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:17 am

Yes, it is unusual. But I like.
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