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Postby Awesomeness » Wed Nov 19, 2014 6:54 pm

For clarity, different people speak with different use-case scenarios in their head. So one person will say "Use Software-A, because it is easy to use.", but there are missing assumptions in their statement. They are REALLY saying, "Use Software-A, because it's easy to use, [when you're doing things like making small wooden toys, as I do]." The important point here is that, another person who makes large wooden cabinets, for instance, may find Software-A completely inappropriate for their use, and instead say "Software-B is amazingly powerful and produces great results." Of course, similarly, he's leaving out the part about "... [if you make a lot of large, rectangular cabinet panels]."

We have a lot of users here, doing drastically different things. Tiny wooden decorative inlays, large furniture, precisely machined working gears, artsy designs that require no precision at all, things made only in 2.5D of flat stock, complex 3D curvy geometry machined with ball endmills, commercial signs, gift engraving, etc. Yes, many people use their machines for several purposes, but you can see how widely people's opinions of different tools can vary based on experience, use-case, knowledge of what alternatives exist, etc.
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